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Week 5 football stars

By RonPreps Published: September 21, 2007

DeVoe Torrence of Massillon 36-283-4 TD
Donte Bryant of North 26-251-1 TD
Thad Nofsinger of Waynedale 15-201-5 TD
John Hamilton of Nordonia 15-200-2 TD
Carlin Isles of Jackson 22-188-3 TD
Dru Jones of Wadsworth 30-186-2 TD
Cody Destro of Mogadore 21-172-3 TD
Blayre Davis of Ravenna 31-168-1 TD
Corey Devitt of Rootstown 33-154-1 TD
Seth Koosed of Field 20-152
Chris Snook of Highland 27-151-3 TD
Shaun Riley of Wooster 23-150-1 TD
Carnell Evans of St. Vincent-St. Mary 20-139
Bryant Marnin of East Canton 20-136-4 TD
Marcus Hardy of Cuyahoga Falls 13-124-1 TD
John Pettigrew of CVCA 15-117-2 TD
Chad Eatinger of Southeast 24-116-1 TD
Tyler Crowl of Lake 21-114-2 TD
Zac Kreakbaum of Manchester 18-112-2 TD (1 receiving)
Brad Mast of Garrettsville 10-109-1 TD (1 receiving and 1 kickoff return)
KJ Herring of Massillon 13-109-1 TD
Danny Bears of Northwest 19-104-1 TD
Tyler Fortner of Tallmadge 20-99-1 TD
Ryan Brodie of Mogadore 15-96-1 TD
Britt Musal of Brunswick 17-95
Justin James of Green 23-93-1 TD

Jared Wackerly of North Canton Hoover 13-of-18-360-4 TD
Sean Bedevelsky of Brunswick 16-of-25-295-3 TD
Robert Butcher of Fairless 20-of-40-292-1 TD
Rico Law of East 13-of-22 244-4 TD
Lorenzo Sanchez of Garfield 12-of-13-225-5 TD
Josh Masters of Hoban 16-26-222
Kyle Snyder of Barberton 16-of-25-210-1 TD
Jesse Mason of Green 14-of-26-203-2 TD
Neil Seaman of Louisville 16-of-24-193-2 TD
Brynt Werntz of Orrville 11-of-26-186-1 TD
Roger Wilson of St. Vincent-St. Mary 10-of-16-170-3 TD
Chad Keppler of Ellet 17-of-36-167
Zach Weidrick of Revere 11-of-17-166-1 TD
Steve McNeely of West Branch 20-of-40-160-1 TD
TJ Viscuso of Lake 10-of-12-148-1 TD
Patrick Pakan of Tallmadge 8-of-12-145-3 TD
Jimmy Shiplet of Northwest 9-of-15-142-1 TD
Scott Saylor of Wadsworth 8-of-17-133-2 TD
Nathan Clark of Field 8-of-12-129-2 TD
Matt Trissel of Canton South 9-of-12-105-1 TD
Dominic Williams of Hoban 15-105-1 TD

Matt Wakulchik of North Canton Hoover 7-194-2 TD
Jordan Gribble of Brunswick 11-188-2 TD
Justin Emerick of Norton 8-132-2 TD
Josh Penland of Fairless 7-127-1 TD
Cory Fowler of Fairless 6-123
Todd Culver of St. Vincent-St. Mary 3-117-2 TD
Will Fleming of Hoban 5-101
Anthony Schrock of Wadsworth 5-95-1 TD
Whitney Mercilus of Garfield 6-84-3 TD



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