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Week 7 football stars

By RonPreps Published: October 5, 2007

Dru Jones of Wadsworth 39-387-6 TDs
Jon Davis of Ravenna 7-241-3 TDs
Blayre Davis of Ravenna 23-231-3 TDs
Josh Covel of Woodridge 9-209-2 TDs
John Hamilton of Nordonia 29-197-2 TDs
Danny Beers of Northwest 21-174-3 TDs
Jesse James of Green 25-172-2 TDs
Colin Isles of Jackson 32-168-2 TDs
Jared Kusar of CVCA 21-163-1 TD
K.J. Herring of Massillon 12-157-2 TDs
Mike Wheeler of East Canton 23-146-1 TD
Anthony Smith of GlenOak 36-145
Ricky Palmer of Carrollton 17-142
John Pettigrew of CVCA 25-126-1 TD
Seth Koosed of Field 20-125-4 TDs
Zeb Hawley of Hillsdale 25-116-2 TDs
Christopher Snook of Highland 22-115-4 TDs
Patrick Pakan of Tallmadge 15-108-1 TD
Quinten Brewer of Revere 11-103-2 TDs

Pat Kane of Tusky Valley 8-18-260-2 TDs
Joey Rhoads of Canton Central Catholic 11-14-255-1 TD
Matt Trissel of Canton South 11-22-213-2 TDs
Jim Shiplett of Northwest 10-21-201
Jared Wackerly of North Canton Hoover 13-20-183-1 TD
Nick Knerem of Highland 11-14-170-1 TD
Alex Gedeon of Hudson 20-32-144
Scott Saylor of Wadsworth 5-9-130-1 TD
Jesse Mason of Green 9-19-121-1 TD
Don McClain of Copley 7-17-118-1 TD
TJ Biscuso of Lake 9-19-114

Sam Gergley of Tusky Valley 4-194-2 TDs
Teddy Robb of Northwest 4-112
Kyle Callari of Highland 7-109
Whitney Mercilus of Garfield 2-100-2 TDs



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