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Business news solutions items — Nov. 17


Switching email causes glitch

Q: When I switched my Internet service from Comcast to CenturyLink, I wanted to notify Facebook that I had changed my email address. But I discovered that Facebook wouldn’t let me log in using my Facebook name, and wanted me to start all over again with a new account (which meant I would lose the connections to my more than 250 Facebook friends.) What can I do?

A: I think you were locked out of Facebook because your Comcast email address no longer exists. On Facebook, your user name is linked to the Comcast email address on your account. If Facebook can’t confirm that it’s your email address, you can’t get into your account.

Contact Facebook one of three ways:

Go to “Login basics” at Click on “I can’t reset my password because I can’t access the email address listed on my account.” Follow the directions.

Go to “I can’t change my email address” at and fill out the form.

Go to “Report a login issue” at and fill out the form.

You can avoid this problem in the future by listing a second email address on your Facebook account (see If you leave CenturyLink and lose your email address there, you can still log in to Facebook with your alternate email address.

— By Steve Alexander

Minneapolis Star Tribune


How to shop safely online

Online shopping continues to gain in popularity among consumers, and the end-of-year holiday shopping season is no exception. A simple mistake or assumption about a retail website’s security, however, can increase the possibility of fraud or even identity theft. Several websites offer good advice about shopping safely online. Here are some locales worth a visit:

• Presents basic, yet key safety tips for online shopping. Site:

• Better Business Bureau: Offers 10 online shopping safety tips for the holiday season. Site:

• FindLaw: Highlights steps to avoid scams and maximize a safe online shopping experience. Site:

• Features 10 tips to review before embarking on an online shopping spree.

• AARP: Offers safety tips for shopping from non-retail sellers, such as online classifieds, auctions and marketplaces. Site:

— By Chuck Myers,

McClatchy-Tribune News Service


Opinions on transmissions

Q: Would you comment on the pros and cons of continuously variable transmissions (CVT) and multi-geared transmissions?

A: Let’s identify what a CVT transmission is. The purpose is to transmit engine power to the drive wheels and to optimize vehicle performance at all speeds by keeping the engine in its most efficient RPM range. Multi-gear transmissions have historically been the transmission of choice for this purpose. CVTs feature a drive belt riding between variable pulleys. The fundamental advantage is their ability to keep the engine in a very narrow, highly efficient RPM range to maximize performance.

— By Paul Brand,

Minneapolis Star Tribune


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