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Business news solutions items — Nov. 3


Mortgage calculation site

The search for a home mortgage rate to fit your budget can prove a challenge. Several websites offer online calculators with features designed to assist prospective homebuyers in calculating monthly payments. Here are a few:


Calculators gauge mortgage payment amounts and how much you can afford.


Calculator for determining a fixed-rate mortgage, with principal balance and total payments graphic.


Establish the loan amount you can qualify for with an affordability calculator.


Provides calculators for a variety of mortgage borrowing scenarios.


Features variety of mortgage calculators, and others for borrowing and credit-related topics.

— By Chuck Myers

McClatchy-Tribune News Service


New anti-virus site

Q: I read an article you wrote about MalwareBytes AntiMalware. I typed in and got a bunch of sites to contact. I panicked and did not go into any of them. You had said it would “immediately initiate the download sequence” but it did not. What should I try now?

A: Thank you for alerting me to the fact that MalwareBytes has discontinued that direct link. It has been working for a several years and was active recently. This is a recent change. I have contacted them and they have graciously replied with a new direct URL: This will bring you to the download page with the download sequence already initiated. Choose “Run.”

— By John Torro

Tampa Bay Times


Updating resumes

The social media site LinkedIn gave its users another reason to ensure their resumes are up to date. The online professional network has introduced a mobile feature that shows information about people’s careers in emails being read on phones.

The tool, called Intro, pulls details from the profiles of LinkedIn’s more than 238 million users so the recipient of an email can learn more about the sender.

The information will be limited to what the email senders already allow anyone to be seen on their LinkedIn accounts, unless they already have granted the recipient broader access through a connection on the service.

The feature works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and Apple Inc.’s iCloud when any of them are plugged into the iPhone’s built-in email app. LinkedIn plans to update the feature so it also works with Microsoft’s and Exchange email. It’s available at

Intro also works on Apple’s iPad, although the feature isn’t tailored for that device. LinkedIn eventually will release a version of Intro designed especially for the tablet format.

LinkedIn imported the technology powering the Intro feature from its acquisition last year of Rapportive, a startup that had already been mining online social networks to include personal information in correspondence sent to Gmail accounts.

— Associated Press


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