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Business news solutions — Nov. 24


Learn about IRAs at websites

Individual retirement accounts have a long track record as a safe retirement saving vehicle. But IRAs are not all alike. Several websites can help sort out different types. Here are a few sites with general information:

• Site: Spotlights different types and tax advantages.

• Site: Covers the basics for a variety of options.

• Investopedia: Site: Offers facts, including limits, types and costs.

• Retirement investment planning: Site: Lays out vitals with additional insights on different types.

• Site: Explores IRA types, contributions, tax considerations, and more.

— By Chuck Myers,

McClatchy-Tribune News


Creating new folders on PC

Q: I am running a Windows 7 Pro 64 Dell PC with the 2007 version of Office. With no warning, I lost the ability in Windows Explorer to create new folders. Although the menu item remains, nothing happens when I tell the program to set up a new folder. Is there a fix available?

A: This sounds like a registry corruption issue. If you have a System Restore point from when before this behavior started, restore back to that point. Otherwise, go to and read the solution there. It involves downloading a ZIP file and installing it into the registry (unzip, then double-click the file). I’ve checked it out and it is legitimate.

— By John Torro, Tampa Bay Times


Oil change interval tips

Q: I would like to better understand oil change intervals on little used vehicles. I have a ’77 F-150 that I use around the ranch about 20 hours and maybe five miles per year. I completely rebuilt the engine, and the oil I put in more than five years ago is still honey-colored. Am I hurting the engine? Seems silly to change it every year, but is there a shelf life?

A: In this case, the word “silly” is synonymous with “wasteful.” I just checked the date I last changed the oil and filter on a 1970 Corvette with 120,000 miles and it was 2009. In that time I’ve driven the car less than 2,000 miles, so I guess you’ve reminded me it’s time to change it again. But I have no worries. The oil in these engines is subject to very little fuel/combustion blow-by contamination.

— By Paul Brand, Minneapolis Star Tribune


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