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Latest Goodyear airship construction reaches milestone

By Jim Mackinnon
Beacon Journal business writer

Goodyear showed off the progress it has made in building its latest airship — a German zeppelin — Friday.

The new airship is approximately 40 percent to 50 percent complete and should be finished by the end of the year or early in 2014. The first flight on the zeppelin likely will be in March 2014.

The work crew in Goodyear’s Wingfoot Lake hangar in Suffield Township has started to put the DuPont envelope around the aluminum and carbon-fiber frame of the zeppelin. Putting the envelope over the framework is a milestone in the construction of this state-of-the-art airship, according to Goodyear.

The new airship will be 246.4 feet long, 64.6 feet wide and 57.4 feet high. The current Goodyear blimp is 192 feet long, 46 feet wide and 59.5 feet high.

The new airship will have 3 engines and will be able to take off and land like a helicopter.


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