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Dominion East Ohio monthly natural gas SCO price goes down for March

By Betty Lin-Fisher Published: March 2, 2017
Dominion East Ohio's monthly natural gas price for residential customers who are on the Standard Choice Offer is going down for March.  
Effective March 15, the SCO will be $2.58 per thousand cubic feet (mcf). The rate is 76 cents, or 22.7 percent lower than the February SCO of $3.34/mcf. It is 85 cents or 49 percent higher than the March rate a year ago of $1.73/mcf.
    The SCO is a monthly rate determined by a state-approved formula. 
    The average SCO/SSO residential customer’s bill for the month of March will be $72.12, up $16.33, or 29.3 percent, from $55.79 in March 2016. 
 All Dominion East Ohio residential customers also pay two state-approved charges directly to Dominion, regardless of their supplier to pay for delivery and other utility costs. 
    Customers pay a fixed $26.16 for the basic monthly charge and a usage-based charge, which is increasing by 9 cents/mcf. 
    Go to to learn more about the SCO, which consumer columnist Betty Lin-Fisher continues to recommend.


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