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No extended post office hours for Tax Day

Beacon Journal staff report

If you’re waiting until Tuesday’s deadline to file taxes, don’t wait until the last minute.

For the first time, Ohio post offices will not offer extended hours for consumers to mail their tax returns.

That’s because about 91 percent of returns that already have been filed (about 82 million returns) has been sent electronically, according to the IRS as of March 28.

The IRS expects to receive about 148 million individual returns and projects that only 23 million of them will be on paper, down 7 percent from last year.

Last-minute filers need to ensure they get to their local post office during regular hours and read the times on collection boxes.

Letters weighing 13 ounces or more must be handled by a postal clerk. Tax agencies do not pay postage that is due, so if postage comes up short the letter will be returned to the sender.

Regular closing time for the main Akron post office at 675 Wolf Ledges Parkway is 6 p.m. Most other stations close at 5 p.m., but check first at


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