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Katie McCann: Out of touch on abortion

By Katie McCann

Your Feb. 11 editorial “Overreach on abortion” gave me pause to reflect on how out of touch some arguments have become in the abortion debate.

Rightly, you suggest discomfort with risking a woman’s health by implementing legislation that restricts abortions. But our concern is that abortion facilities across the state are already risking women’s health by failing to adhere to basic health and safety standards.

Unfortunately, some pro-choicers seem to have moved so far to the extreme that they won’t even hold abortion clinics accountable for protecting the very thing they claim to stand for: women’s health.

Regrettably, this extremism is creeping further and further into our lives, to the point of infringing on the basic rights of American taxpayers. While Roe v. Wade might have deemed abortion a “right,” it did not give the state the authority to invalidate all other rights, including our First Amendment rights.

But pro-choicers seem to think that it did — that Americans who have deep moral convictions against abortion must fund Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion industry giant. To impose such a requirement is to breach a fundamental right of every American citizen, all in the name of abortion.

Frighteningly, this pro-choice extremism seems so blinded to the faults of the abortion industry that it even overlooks its racial injustice. Consider this as Ed FitzGerald, county executive of Cuyahoga County, makes his bid for governor, leading with abortion as his issue: About 63 percent of abortions on Cuyahoga County residents took place on black women, even though they make up about 15 percent of the county’s population.

My guess is that if these babies were dying from anything other than abortion, FitzGerald would object to the inhumanity and racial injustice. Instead, he railed against our common-sense pro-life initiatives and selected a pro-choice running mate who formerly served on the board of Planned Parenthood.

The FitzGerald team and other pro-choice extremists have proved themselves out of touch with Ohioans. Opposition to Ohio’s late-term abortion ban sets pro-choicers back several decades.

Last summer, a Quinnipiac poll revealed that a resounding 60 percent of women prefer a 20-week abortion ban to the Supreme Court-prescribed 24-week ban. Such a ban would protect 5-month, pre-born, pain-capable babies from the hurt of abortion.

To oppose a ban on so ruthless a procedure — a procedure that Americans overwhelmingly oppose in the late months of pregnancy — is to demonstrate the radicalism of fringe abortion proponents.

While your editorial suggested extremism behind Ohio’s new pro-life laws, I would simply ask that you consider the extremism behind the radical pro-choice position — an extremism that breaches fundamental rights, turns a blind eye on racial injustice and supports taking the life of a child through the ninth month of pregnancy.

McCann is the public relations manager for Ohio Right to Life, based in Columbus.


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