• Bring the Colors of Summer Into Your Home

    Summer is the perfect time to bring out fresh new colors in your home, from vibrant oranges to bold blues. This season is all about making your house feel as bright and warm as the sun and as inviting as a white sandy beach. Explore what you can do with some of these hot 2016 palettes and transform your interior in ways you never thought possible.

  • “The Final Coat”: Painting a Picture of Excellence in Akron

    Painting the exterior of your home or a room inside it can completely change the look of your living space, which is why The Final Coat Inc. of Akron, OH guarantees a change for the better. Owned and managed by Ted Wetzel, The Final Coat is a local business dedicated to providing top quality work for both commercial and residential properties. With a simple call to their office on Kelly Ave. in Akron you’ll be on your way to fresh paint job in no time.

  • Exceptions to Rule: Big Cities Where Homes Remain Affordable

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — Until recently, Christina Brouk was living with her parents. Now, still in her early 20s, she’s living the American dream of home ownership — the same dream that’s grown elusive for many young adults since the housing bubble peaked 10 years ago.

  • Get Unhinged: 3 Ways to Create Visually Striking Doors in your Home

    (BPT) - Think of a door opening and closing.

  • 5 Ways International Trade Affects Your Household

    (StatePoint) From the price of household goods to the quantity and quality of jobs available, international trade impacts your daily life in more ways than you may realize. Supporters of new trade agreements say they include important and unexpected measures that do everything from preserving the environment to supporting high tech innovation.


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