• Solar Shingles Make Stylistic Strides in Solar Roofing Technology

    Every homeowner is concerned about energy costs and how they can possibly do more to cut back on them, which might be why some have turned to the innovative technology behind solar powered roofing materials. With the ability to power anything from light bulbs to cars, solar panels have grown in popularity as an answer to conserving energy and lowering electricity bills. And for those homeowners looking to keep up their home’s curb appeal, solar shingles might be the perfect blend of efficiency and style.

  • Buxton Roofing LLC Has Northeast Ohio Homes and Buildings Covered

    A good roof protects your family, your belongings, and everything else inside your home, which is why Buxton Roofing LLC of Northeast Ohio only installs the very best. Backed by trusted manufacturers like Firestone, Bridgestone, and CertainTeed, Buxton offers quality service that is unmatched by the competition. If you’re looking for trusted roofing professionals to work on your home, this locally owned business is the one to call.

  • Top Things Every Renter Should Know

    (StatePoint) Renters may be free of some of the concerns and responsibilities of homeownership, but there are a few considerations they should make for financial security and greater peace of mind.

  • Award-Winning Interior Designer Reveals 5 Ways to a Must-Have Media Room

    (BPT) - It’s hard to believe that at one time, Americans watched television by huddling around a small box with poor picture quality and sound. Even nicer televisions were tucked in the corner of living rooms where noise from the kitchen, kids running around the house and other distractions constantly interfered.

  • 5 Ideas for Easier Household Shopping

    (StatePoint) Navigating store aisles is more complicated than merely dodging other shoppers. With 50,000 new products introduced to consumers each year, it also means deciding which are best for you and your family. Without guidance, this can be overwhelming.


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