Father’s Day Gifts for the Handyman at Home

By Francesca Stygar, Special to the Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com

A Dad that’s handy around the house is as common as finding birds in the sky, so it’s not surprising that for a lot of handymen, Father’s Day is all about cool new tools and accessories to add to their collection. Whether Dad needs a brand new tool or he’s looking to upgrade something specific, he’s sure to love something that’ll be useful for around the house. Here are just a few cool things to consider when shopping for a guy who’s passionate about being handy.


Any guy who considers himself to be a handyman or DIY pro needs a high performance rotary tool kit. This one features high performance motor and adjustable speeds for top performance, precision, and control. Dremels are also extremely useful for multiple tasks such as boring holes, smoothing edges, and even trimming the dog’s nails! With a multitude of different heads to collect, dremels are multi-functional tools that will work in any Dad’s tool kit.


The name says it all with this amazing tool. Not only is it great for hikers and campers, but also it’s useful for anyone who might have a need to chop kindling or small to medium logs and wooden planks. The other great thing about an unbreakable hatchet is that they don’t require you to break the bank to obtain one. Many home improvement stores and online retail shops sell them for around $25.00.


During the cleaning and polishing stage of any DIY project, there’s usually not much elbow grease left to spare. This rechargeable handheld power scrubber will get the job done in a small amount of time and use minimal effort. The fact that it’s rechargeable also means that it can be used over and over again with having to be thrown out after one use. No handyman wants to leave his work unfinished so save Dad the extra effort with this super useful scrubbing tool.


Every guy who does a lot of handy work and DIY home projects knows how nerve-wracking it can be to perform the simple task of hammering a nail. Not only will this handy hammer save his thumbs but also it’ll let him get those nails in straight with a magnetic nail setter. This feature holds the nail in place, so he (or anyone else in the house) doesn’t have to worry about hurting himself.


A quality tool set is an absolute must-have for any true handyman. Don’t let him settle for anything less than the best with this high quality staple. The chrome-vanadium tool set contains every necessary tool Dad could ever want (over 100 of them!), all in a sturdy and well-organized case for fast and easy transport. You’ll be spending a pretty penny on this item (about $300+) but it’ll give your father something shiny to tote around for years to come.