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Cookbook: ‘Daniel: My French Cuisine’

Is there anyone who has done more for French cooking in the United States than Daniel Boulud? If you have any doubts, you need only pick up his new cookbook, Daniel: My French Cuisine (with Sylvie Bigar, Thomas Schauer and Bill Buford, Grand Central Life and Style, $60).

This is one seriously gorgeous book, and it has the air about it of a magnum opus. While previously he has mostly aimed at home cooks, Daniel is a full-fledged chef book, a kind of document of where his cooking stands at this stylistically advanced stage of his career.

In addition to the main body of the book, there is also a fascinating series of essays by New Yorker writer Bill Buford (Heat) detailing the making of several classic French dishes. And almost as if Boulud couldn’t publish a cookbook without including at least something you could make at home, there’s a short section of the sorts of dishes he says he cooks for friends on Sundays.

— Russ Parsons

Los Angeles Times


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