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Cookbook: ‘Fish: 54 Seafood Feasts’

If you don’t cook much fish at home but would like to, there is a lot of good information about buying fish, cooking methods, food safety and more in Fish: 54 Seafood Feasts by Cree LeFavour (Chronicle Books, $27.50, 266 pages). Cooking fish can be intimidating and this book will help alleviate that worry.

Every recipe offers a fish substitution in the event you don’t like the main selection for the dish. Plus, in the introduction, the author provides a listing of fish and other seafood you can eat in good conscience, meaning those varieties are sustainable.

Recipes include orecchiette with flaked Pacific halibut, charred romaine, sweet pepper and pine nuts; yellowfin tuna sliders with chipotle mayonnaise, avocado, cilantro rice and watermelon-queso fresco salad; fried spider sandwich with avocado and wakame-udon-sesame noodle salad; braised sablefish with pork belly, leeks and French lentils; and New Haven white clam pie.

— Ellen Folkman

Special to the St. Petersburg Times


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