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Life in Brief — week of Jan. 26

Coupons are available
at several online sites

Coupons aren’t just for processed, unhealthful foods. You can find coupons for healthful cereals, yogurts, protein-enriched products and vitamin supplements. Here are some places to find them:

• Get coupons worth 75 cents.

• Sign up for their emails to receive a $1 off coupon and get more each month.

• Get coupons for produce from Earthbound Farm.

• Download coupons you can use at stores, including Babies R Us.

• Find great coupons plus advice and recipes.

• Find coupons for manufacturers such as Zevia and Choice Organics.

• Blogs such as and search for the best deals on organic and healthful food, as well as provide coupons and good advice.

— Tara McAlister

Charlotte Observer

Hints from Heloise:

Washing machine turns
into a cooler for parties

Gemma in Chicago writes: After one too many parties without enough cold drinks for all of our guests, my husband and I were at a loss. We didn’t like buying ice and filling coolers, only to hunt for a place to drain them (we don’t have a yard, and dragging them through the apartment building was NOT an option!). We now use the washing machine. We fill the top loader with ice and the canned drinks. As the ice melts, it drains from the machine, and you’re left with no mess! For a couple who entertains often, this has been a party-saver!

A reader writes via email: I use a lint roller to clean dusty lampshades. Works like a charm, especially if you have pets and have a lot of hair around the house.

— King Features

Kids get dental X-rays
around 4 or 5 years old

Children usually have their first dental X-rays taken between 4 and 5 years of age, and includes four X-rays — two bitewing shots of the sides of the mouth, and two shots of the front teeth, says Dr. Tanny Josen, a pediatric dentist with Great Neck Dental Associates of Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates of Hicksville, N.Y.

The photos are taken to ensure the child doesn’t have cavities in the baby teeth and to detect abnormalities in the mouth that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Those can include extra or missing teeth. X-rays allow dentists to see the adult teeth coming in.

After the initial X-rays, children should have just the two bitewing X-rays repeated annually, Josen says.

Parents should be sure children always wear a lead apron and a lead thyroid collar while X-rays are being taken, Josen says. Parents also should ask whether their dentist’s office offers digital X-rays, which use less radiation than traditional X-rays, he says.

While X-rays aren’t taken until age 4 or 5, children should have been seeing the dentist for years already, Josen says. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends visits begin by age 1, and Josen says that certainly by age 3 a child should have been seen by a dental professional.

— Beth Whitehouse



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