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Life in Brief — week of July 21

Americans take linen,

towels when traveling

Most likely everyone who has stayed at a hotel has, at some point, walked out with a few bars of soap or miniature bottles of shampoo.

But 35 percent of global travelers say they make off with more-valuable hotel amenities, such as towels, lamps, robes and bedding, according to a recent survey by the hotel booking site

The survey found that travelers from some countries pilfer more than others.

Danish travelers are the least likely to pocket hotel property; Colombian travelers came in at the bottom of the honesty ranking, according to the survey of 8,600 travelers from 28 countries and cities.

When asked about taking from hotels, 88 percent of Danish travelers said they had never pocketed hotel property, according to the survey. But when they do steal, the most common items taken by the Danes are magazines and books.

Meanwhile, only 43 percent of Colombians say they have never taken from a hotel, and when they do filch, they go after magazines and books, the survey said.

The U.S. and China came in near the bottom of the honesty ranking, with 66 percent of American and Chinese travelers saying they had never taken from a hotel. Sticky-fingered Americans typically take linen and towels. Chinese usually take furnishings, the survey said.

— Hugo Martin

Los Angeles Times

Hints from Heloise:

Last bit of toothpaste 
stretches days of use

Amanda S. in Durham, N.C. writes: Being a thrifty soul, I always want to get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. After I have used as much as I can by squeezing the tube, I cut it off just below the shoulder, which gives me a little cup with a surprising amount of toothpaste in it. I dip my brush in the cup and have a few more days’ use before I need a new tube.

— King Features

Furniture, holiday toys

among best July deals

If you’re hitting the stores this month, look for these deals:

• July is a great time to snatch up furniture, since new lines come out in August, said Jackie Hirschhaut of the American Home Furnishings Alliance.

Many furniture stores will offer no-interest deals. Before you sign the dotted line, evaluate whether you’ll be able to pay off the entire balance before it’s due to avoid paying interest.

• Believe it or not, now is a great time to buy holiday toys. Stores such as Target and Toys R Us will begin to clear out their inventory to get ready for the holidays. Look for clearance deals both in the stores and especially online.

• Tools left over from Father’s Day are now going on sale.

• Prepare now for summer 2014 by taking advantage of deals on swimwear and other sports essentials. Consider buying a size larger than your child is wearing now.

Bathing suits from top retailers such as Eddie Bauer, Victoria Secret and Lands’ End will have some great online deals. Search for a coupon code to get free shipping or an additional discount.

Spruce up your outdoor living area by buying this year’s grills and outdoor furniture and accessories. Consider leaving it in the boxes to avoid any damage over the winter months.

— Tara McAlister

Charlotte Observer


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