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Music and Mission - Partners in Service Organizations

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News Release Date – March 28, 2014

Music and Mission – Natural Partners in Service Organizations

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will mark its ninth year in Cleveland, Ohio, with the induction of legend bands like Kiss, Daryl Hall & John Oates and Nirvana. Over 8 million rock lovers from around the world, travel to the Great Lakes Region to celebrate their favorite iconic bands. People reconnect through music. It tells the story of our lives, relationships and a sign of the times. Music and artistry serves as a vehicle to relate to one another in ways well beyond our ability to communicate in conversation. Music not only unites by establishing commonality, but it can be used for a purpose, as an organizational tool to accomplish a mission.

This year’s Rock Hall inductees are among many bands that have performed with a purpose of fundraising for charitable causes. KISS was recently a headliner at a concert to benefit, a non-profit organization that provides critical surgeries to children in need across the globe. The concert raised an estimated $5 Million and will become an annual event.

But doing good works through music isn’t just a gig for the stars. Organizations across the globe use music to attract and inspire people to join in their primary mission. Take Second Baptist Church (SBC) of Houston, Texas, with a membership of over 58,000 people served by 5 five campuses in the greater Houston area. With more than 5 choirs and chorales, many of which require auditions to join, SBC provides praise music for their congregation and to the greater Houston area, almost every night of the week. The Wooday Worship Choir & Orchestra website cites that “music is the medium we use to testify of God’s Great Love”. SBC recently held their 2014 Festival of Keyboard, which attracted thousands of Houston visitors to their place of worship to hear music and message.

But perhaps music’s largest impact comes from efforts made by dedicated people who use it on a much smaller scale. Meet Jason Timms, organizer and musician in several local bands, including Bind The Strongman, which plays frequently but not exclusively at the Bill Denton Outreach Center where Timms and his partner Mike Dean hosts events for Dark2Light Outreach Ministries. The genre – heavy metal with a mix of rap and funk, is intentionally picked to attract teenage and young adults to their location. “If you want them to listen to your message then you have to play it in a way that they will sync up, enjoy and keep coming back for more” says Timms.

Though this music may make a parishioners’ ears bleed at more traditional Baptist churches, not the case at Akron Bible Church, a local congregation who has embraced Dark2Light, joining forces with their youth group, and forming a praise band called Twisted, to worship together, united in music and mission one Sunday and one Wednesday night a month.

Dark2Light primary mission is to deliver a Christian message about salvation to the local Akron community, a place Jason and Mike have always called home, and encourage others to walk a path of helping others in service. They open their doors for concerts with a variety of programming as well as movie nights, providing an alternative hang out in a troubled neighborhood. The Bill Denton Center happenings include country, jazz and folk concerts as well, and the band often takes road trips, participating in many tent revivals, as music and mission can coexist in many genres and geographies. But the most recent project is the one that has brought the most excitement and joy to D2L’s leadership. They have created a musical play called Introducing Jonny A Salvation Story, about a man named Jonny who has struggled to survive in a challenging neighborhood with an often unsupportive and dysfunctional family, falling in and out of trouble with the law that lead to imprisonment.

Dark2Light ministry hopes to reach as many people as they can, starting in inner city Akron, but will expand their programming and messaging to a much wider audience as opportunities present themselves. “Were open, we want to help, and ready for our next call” says Timms. “If we can help one person in just one night, then the Lord has blessed our mission and fulfilled our purpose.”

Whether it is rock legends or community bands, music provides the magic, the mission, and the monetary support that can touch people, encourage them to open up, and unite us together. It creates that moment when others are willing to give, and willing to receive help.

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