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New comics start Monday

We’re adding some new faces to our comics pages. Starting Monday, look for WuMo and Big Nate to join our lineup.

WuMo focuses on life’s absurdity, bittersweet ironies and irreverent humor, similar to the classic Far Side. Writer Mikael Wulff and illustrator Anders Morgenthaler began as an underground sensation in Denmark and their strip is now one of the most popular in Europe. You might find sadistic pandas, disgruntled office workers, crazy beavers, Albert Einstein, Snoop Dogg and Darth Vader in the strip.

Wulff and Morgenthaler run Scandinavia’s biggest comedy website and created an animated sitcom, The Pandas, in the vein of South Park and Family Guy. They are in negotiations to bring the show to North America. In addition, Wulff is a stand-up comedian and Morgenthaler is a movie director.

Aspiring cartoonist Nate Wright is the star of Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce. He’s 11 years old, the record holder for school detentions, a self-described genius and sixth-grade Renaissance Man. Nate lives with his dad and older sister, and enjoys pestering his family and teachers.

Peirce, a former art teacher, occasionally turns his pen over to his creation, and readers get to see life through Nate’s eyes as he doodles in his notebook. His website,, features games, videos and the cartoonist’s blog.

To make room for new comics, unfortunately others must be dropped. We’ve decided to end publication of For Better or For Worse and Mary Worth.

For Better has been a consistent favorite for decades locally and nationally, but in 2008 the cartoonist, Lynn Johnston, decided to end her storyline and start it over. The strip has essentially become a rerun, and we feel as a newspaper we should be offering you fresh material every day.

As for Mary Worth, she ranked the lowest among the three “serial” strips in a reader survey we did a few years ago, far below Judge Parker and Rex Morgan M.D., which will remain.

We know readers are loyal to their old favorites, but we hope you’ll give the new strips a try.

— Lynne Sherwin

Features Editor


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