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New in food: A nifty way to keep knives

The magnetic board is not a new idea, but there’s a new version that’s worth a look.

M.O.C. Woodworks has introduced a series of the boards that make a spiffy addition to the kitchen or the workshop. The hand-crafted 12-inch boards come in maple, cherry, walnut, mahogany, lacewood, wenge and zebrawood.

Knives or other kitchen implements are the most obvious items to hang. They can be kept close to where they’re needed and eliminate digging through a drawer looking for your favorite nutmeg grater. Also, anything that keeps knives from getting dinged up in a cluttered drawer is welcome.

But there are other uses. Hang metal tools, house keys, office supplies or easy-to-misplace bathroom items such as nail clippers or tweezers.

What makes the product work are neodymium magnets, the strongest type of magnet commercially available. So a whole set of knives will hang easily, or often-needed tools, or even a couple of bowling trophies.

The boards are priced from $44 to $55, depending on the wood. Custom boards are also available. To order, go to or

— William Hageman

Chicago Tribune


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