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News of the Weird: Jesus is everywhere

Sightings find Jesus is everywhere

The face of Jesus has recently been spotted in the following places:

• Norwalk, Conn., in May (in an ink smear on a page of the newspaper The Hour).

• Saugus, Mass., March (on a drop cloth in a home).

• Bradenton, Fla., February (in profile on a carton of Corona beer).

• Halifax, Nova Scotia, March (in a knot of wood on furniture in a store).

• San Antonio, December (on a tortilla shell — an item on which he has appeared previously at other sites).

• Herne Bay, England, October (on a patch of mold behind a refrigerator).

• Phoenix, June (in a smudge on the floor at Sky Harbor International Airport).

• Northumberland, England, March (in the condensation on a windshield).

• Brooklyn, Ohio, February (in bird droppings on a windshield).

— News of the Weird


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