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Ohio woman’s dog runs off, is found 22 miles away

Associated Press

PLEASANT PLAIN, OHIO: A woman has been reunited with her dog more than a month after it ran off after being struck by a car.

A caller told Paula Heckathorn a dog had been hanging around his house. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that he had lured the dog to him with some sausages, and then called the phone number on his collar.

The man, Jonathon Simonson, lives in Wilmington. That’s 22 miles from Heckathorn’s home in Pleasant Plain, a small community in Warren County in Southwest Ohio.

The 9-year-old Australian shepherd named Cody had darted into the street June 30 while she was moving into her new home. He was hit by a car and ran away.

Back home, the dog has been treated for a laceration and had 25 ticks removed.


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