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What it sounds like, what it is

The Abbynormal channel on YouTube has a humorous take on vocal fry (type “abby normal vocal fry” in the search field at

In a more serious vein, here are some places to find solutions to bad vocal habits:

Science magazine ( offers a detailed explanation of vocal fry (type “vocal fry creeping into u.s. speech” in the search field). The article has a link that includes an audio example.

Diane Diresta, on employment site, offers a tutorial on six bad speech habits and how to break them (go to and type “sloppy speech” in the search field).

Claudio Milstein of the Cleveland Clinic discusses good vocal habits and other issues related to the voice in online chats at (type “your voice matters” in the search field).

Vocal coach Ian Castle explains vocal fry and how singers can use the technique to their benefit in several of his tutorials on YouTube.


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