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2013 NFL Scouting Combine: Eagles' Chip Kelly says he, ex-Browns coach Pat Shurmur are 'good fit'

By Marla Ridenour Published: February 21, 2013

Phladelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly surprised many in the league with his selection of ex-Browns coach Pat Shurmur as his offensive coordinator.

Kelly said today at the NFL Scouting Combine that he had never met Shurmur before, but that "we seemed to hit it off right away."

"Extremely intelligent, well through-out, very detail-oriented," Kelly said of Shurmur. "Have a lot of similar philosophies in the passing game and the running game. Like I said with putting our whole staff together, it was just a good fit.

"There were a lot of really qualified candidates, but it just seemed like we clicked right away when I got a chance to meet him."

In his first year in the NFL after coaching at Oregon and New Hampshire, Kelly said he will rely on Shurmur's two years in charge of the Browns.

"The fact he had been a head coach, to have a guy in the office right next door to be able to run things by, ‘Has this ever come up when you were sitting in that chair?’ he's been fantastic," Kelly said. "We’ve been together for three weeks now and really just putting things together, his thoughts, my thoughts, and all of our guys on the offensive side of the ball, when we meet we’ve had really productive meetings."


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