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Akron council announces members of food truck committee

By Stephanie Warsmith Published: July 8, 2013

Akron City Council is expected to announce tonight the members of a committee that will study whether food trucks should be allowed to operate in the city.

The committee members will be: council members Jeff Fusco and Margo Sommerville; Veronica Sims, an Akron school board member; Suzie Graham, who heads up Downtown Akron Partnership; Guido D’Orio, who owns NEOSHRED and is a member of the North Akron Board of Trade; and John Buntin, who owns Kenmore Komics & Games and is a member of the Kenmore Board of Trade.

Fusco, who will chair the committee, said food truck and downtown restaurant owners will be invited to provide input to the committee, but won’t sit on it. Food truck operators are pushing to be allowed to operate in the city, while downtown restaurant owners have expressed concern about their business being hurt by food trucks setting up downtown.

"We’ll include everyone," Fusco promised.



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