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Akron Police warn of ticket scam

Beacon Journal staff report

Akron Police are warning residents of a ticket scam involving the city’s municipal court.

Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards said there have been reports of someone calling residents pretending to be from the “Ohio State Recovery Company.”

The caller attempts to obtain credit card information for unpaid speed camera tickets through Akron Municipal Court.

“The caller is using a scare tactic to get the victims to pay over the phone using a credit card by saying, ‘if you don’t pay the ticket now with a credit card, an Akron Municipal Court judge will immediately issue an arrest warrant for your arrest,’” Edwards said.

Speed camera tickets in Akron are a civil fine and are not handled through the court or by a judge.

For more information about Akron’s speed cameras, call 1-866-684-8383. Information about outstanding tickets or fines can be verified through the number.

If you suspect you may have fallen victim to the scam, Edwards said, you should contact your credit card company and stop payment then call your local police to file a report.


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