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Akron Public Schools to extend year to make up ‘calamity’ days

Beacon Journal staff report

Akron Public Schools administrators announced Friday they will extend the school year to make up inexcusable calamity days.

All Ohio schools are forgiven the first five calamity days. APS has accumulated eight, with one building, Bridges Learning Center, closing nine times this school year.

Recent legislation forgives an additional four calamity days, but only if schools already have made up the sixth through ninth missed days by extending the school day or by other state-approved measures that include extending the calendar.

Because Akron has missed fewer than nine days, the new legislation does not apply.

Therefore, classes will be held June 6 — a Friday, and what was to be the first day of the scheduled summer vacation for students — and June 9-10. Bridges will be open for students through June 11.


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