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Jimmy Kimmel puts profanity spotlight on best #&$*@! city in Ohio — Akron

Beacon Journal staff report

Akron and the concept that Ohioans swear more than any other state is once again in the national spotlight.

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel cited a study on his late-night show Wednesday that backed up the notion that Ohioans curse more than anyone else in the country, pointing to Akron as a perfect example.

“They [researchers] found that most of those curse words are followed by the word LeBron,” he said of the Akron native, likely referencing his painful departure from the Cavaliers.

Kimmel then introduced a fake newscast — that has since gone viral on the Internet — supposedly taped from an Akron television station.

The skit featured a foul-mouthed anchor delivering a newscast with Cleveland’s WOIO Action News banners. The anchor then turned to a reporter for a bleep-laden live report outside of the fictitious Akron James Baker High School, where parents donated their time to plant new grass at the football field.

“Yesterday was Giving Tuesday, dubbed the Black Friday of charitable giving and the residents of Akron came out in full force, [expletive] yeah they did,” fake anchor James Dixon said.

To watch the clip from the show, visit

Kimmel is referring to a study released in May by a Seattle marketing company that claimed Ohioans use more profanity than residents of any other state. Marchex, which sells advertising to businesses that rely heavily on customers calling directly after smartphone searches, cited an examination of more than 600,000 calls between consumers and companies where it tallied swear words.


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