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Ohio man admits killing father, dumping body

Associated Press

GLOUSTER, OHIO: A southeastern Ohio man told a Columbus TV station in a jailhouse interview that he hit his father in the head with a pipe and dumped his dead body in a cistern under the porch earlier this month.

Paul J. Roberts, 41, told WBNS-TV that he killed his father, 63-year-old Paul E. Roberts of Glouster, on Oct. 4 during a violent confrontation. The body of the elder Roberts was found in the cistern during a police search of the house Monday.

“He grabbed a knife and stepped at me, and I grabbed the bar and just swung it...(and) just caught him right behind the ear,” the son told the TV station. “It was a heavy pipe and I swung it apparently way too hard.”

Then, the younger Roberts said, “I wasn’t thinking. It wasn’t real to me. But that’s what I done. I drug him under the deck and I dropped him down the hole.”

The son is being held on a vandalism charge and hasn’t yet been charged in the slaying. He was arrested after neighbors told police that they saw him removing property from his father’s house.

Athens County Prosecutor Keller J. Blackburn said an autopsy found the elder Roberts died as the result of a beating. A grand jury is expected to consider the case on Monday.

In the interview, the son tearfully expressed remorse.

“When I heard my father hit the water in that well, and I knew what I had just done. That sound,” he said. “I hear that sound of him hitting that water. It was so final. And I knew what had happened. I can’t get that out of my head. I swear I think if I’d had a gun right then I’d have just ended it.

“I’m a monster,” he said. “I’m horrible. I loved my father....Now nothing will be right ever again.”


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