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Ohio Supreme Court to hear charter school case involving Akron’s White Hat

Beacon Journal staff report

The Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a case involving Akron-based charter school operator White Hat Management.

The case, known as Hope Academy Broadway Campus v. White Hat Mgt., L.L.C., involves 10 charter school boards that came into conflict with White Hat. As the boards began an effort to part ways, they and White Hat came into dispute over who owned the assets of the schools.

White Hat won at the appeals level, arguing that as the fiduciary agent of the boards it was paid to make all business decisions, including the purchase or leasing of curriculum, equipment and buildings.

The schools appealed.

In the court’s vote whether to hear the case, Justices Terrence O’Donnell and Judith French dissented.

The memorandum in support of the appeal can be found at


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