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Glass artist returns to Cleveland Institute of Art for public lecture

By Daryl V. Rowland
Special to the Beacon Journal

CLEVELAND: Glass artist Marc Petrovic will return today to his alma mater, the Cleveland Institute of Art, to hold a public workshop and lecture on the art of glass blowing.

The acclaimed artist will offer a two-hour workshop, starting at 7 p.m. During the evening, he also will speak with students and review their work.

The event takes place in the hot glass studio of the art institute’s Joseph McCullough Center for the Visual Arts, 11610 Euclid Ave.

Petrovic will demonstrate his unique hybrid of Italian murrain technique and hot glass sculpting, creating a hot-sculpted bird form for his Avian Series.

“My pieces revolve around ideas that both intrigue and befuddle me. While these pieces ask a lot of questions, they attempt to answer none,” Petrovic said.

“At the nucleus of each sculpture is an idea around which the piece grows. In a sense, the way a grain of sand aggravates the oyster enough that it creates a pearl.”

On Wednesday, Petrovic will discuss the evolution of his work. That lecture takes place in the Ohio Bell Auditorium of the art institute’s Gund Building, 11141 East Blvd.

Petrovic graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1991. He was the recipient of the top Agnes Gund Memorial Scholarship.

He works out of a private studio that he shares with his wife, Kari Russell-Pool, near their home in Essex, Conn. His work can be seen at; hers can be seen at

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