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Trent Richardson jersey to remain up at Rockne’s: Player to be named later to have name in Velcro placed over Richardson

By Jim Carney
Beacon Journal staff writer

Trent Richardson will live on at Rockne’s.

At least his jersey will still hang over the bar at the restaurant at West Market Street and Merriman Road in Akron for a while.

Owner Chris Hamad says a player to be named later — another player that rises up out of the embattled franchise — will have his name inscribed in Velcro onto the jersey over the Richardson name down the road.

Hamad’s University of Akron jersey had been hung over the bar for several years until he and his wife, Sandy, bought the Richardson jersey last year after the draft at a charity auction for about $100.

“I can’t believe they did what they did,” said Hamad, who played linebacker for the Zips in the mid 1970s, of the trade that has been the big topic on sports talk shows and on social media since it broke Wednesday night.

His restaurant is closed on Sundays, but he said he watches the games at home.

“I scream at the TV,” he said, adding that he is not a die-hard Browns fan but follows the team.

“With Richardson, you got a quality player,” he said.

Wednesday night, the running back from the University of Alabama and the third overall pick in the 2012 draft was traded to the Indianapolis Colts for a first-round pick next year.

“It’s not going anywhere,” he said of the Richardson No. 33 orange jersey. “We’ll see who takes over the number 33.”

The joke, he said, “is we will just get Velcro for the name on the back,” Hamad said.

He said he actually heard the Velcro idea on a television broadcast Wednesday night.

Richardson, he said, “is going to be a superstar … I can’t see why you would trade a player like that.”

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