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Emails from UPA lawsuit filing...“These circumstances could lead to the conclusion that material facts concerning the grant application were misrepresented to Knight. In light of these issues Knight has no choice but to immediately stop any future funding to UPA.” JUAN J. MARTINEZKnight Foundation vice president, chief financial officer and treasurer“This crisis was not brought on by Knight failing to fund but by UPA having induced KF [Knight Foundation] into a grant under false pretense, causing KF to audit before going any further. Where are the honest leaders of the UPA board accepting responsibility for telling the full, true story?”Alberto IbargüenKnight Foundation president “Everyone now knows Eric was egregiously deceptive and that will be told.”William Considineboard member of Knight Foundation and the UPA“I did not think for one iota that these people would try to throw me under the bus. I was trying to do the right thing, particularly in the Roger Carter situation. That is totally disgraceful. That is all I’m going to say.”Eric Anthony Johnsonformer UPA executive director

UA-area plan raised doubts at foundation

By Betty Lin-Fisher and Cheryl Powell
Beacon Journal business writers


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