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Woman in shoe stabbing case says she was afraid

By Juan A. Lozano
Associated Press

HOUSTON: A Houston woman convicted of murder for fatally stabbing her boyfriend with a 5 ½-inch stiletto shoe heel tells jurors she loved her boyfriend and was trying to help him become a better person but he became aggressive during their relationship.

Ana Trujillo took the witness stand in a Houston courtroom Thursday in the penalty phase of the trial, which will decide her sentence.

The jury convicted Trujillo on Tuesday of murder in last June’s killing of 59-year-old Alf Stefan Andersson at his home. Prosecutors say she pinned him down and stabbed him at least 25 times with the 5½-inch heel of her shoe.

Trujillo’s attorneys say Andersson attacked her and she was defending herself.

She told jurors Andersson was a heavy drinker, he would wake up angry and she became afraid of him.

Trujillo faces up to life in prison.


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