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Cuyahoga Falls council approves record-keeping law for secondhand stores

By Gina Mace
Special to the Beacon Journal

CUYAHOGA FALLS: City Council on Monday passed legislation that will require secondhand stores to keep detailed records that police can review.

The stores also will be required to keep any bought items for 14 days so that police have an opportunity to make sure they are not taking in stolen property.

Police Detective Chad Lengel and Chief Jack Davis asked for the law as an extra tool to help fight thefts and burglaries.

Lengel said stores that purchase electronics, jewelry, DVDs, CDs, video games and other items on a thief’s top 10 list will be required to follow the law.

Consignment shops that do not hand out cash when an item is brought to the store will be excluded from the record keeping.

Davis said he will work with Law Director Russ Balthis to create a package explaining the new law and providing the needed paperwork.

Store owners should begin receiving the packages in a couple of weeks.