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Service Department employees receive raises in Copley

By Bruce F. Griffin
Special to the Beacon Journal

COPLEY TWP.: Six full-time employees in the Service Department will receive a one-year, 2 percent pay boost. It will be retroactive to Jan. 1.

Township trustees approved the increase at the end of a special 2014 appropriations budget workshop Tuesday. Board President Dale Panovich said the increase affects only the department’s six full-time employees.

Full-time police and firefighters received the same raise last month.

Current three-year employee contracts for each department contained no raises. An economic downturn clouded the township’s financial outlook at the time the contracts were negotiated.

In a regular session Wednesday, trustees scheduled a meeting for 5 p.m. Monday to approve the 2014 appropriations budget. A final figure was not made available.

Trustees held a public hearing Wednesday on zoning text and map changes to create a “mixed-use overlay district” at Copley and Jacoby roads. The district maintains existing zoning for non-conforming properties, in this case residential properties in a tract zoned for commercial use.

Planning Director Matt Springer said zoning officials have found 10 non-conforming residential homes in the commercial district.

A similar district approved last year covers properties around Copley Circle.

“We’re already seeing the benefit around Copley Circle,” Springer said.

The overlay district is designed to make it easier to sell homes in those districts and to attract new businesses, such as those that serve a dual purpose, that of a home and business.


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