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Using watercolors and ink, Don Getz captures U.S. scenes while teaching class, meeting new friends and keeping journal

Peninsula artist returns from sketching tour of U.S.

By Kim Hone-McMahan
Beacon Journal staff writer Often, he would hand a drawing to the driver, who would glance at it and then give it to his father. “He tacked up a lot of them inside of his facility,” Getz said during a recent interview. “He had a whole wall of them.” Though art is his passion, Getz figured he would be running the shop someday. “I ran all of the equipment. I tore my first engine apart when I was 10 years old, put it back together, and it ran,” he said. “And during the ’50s, if your grandfather was a tire builder, your dad was a tire builder, and you were going to be a tire builder.” But during spring break of Getz’s senior year of high school, his dad broke the cycle and did the unexpected.


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