Protesters swarm cities

Thousands of people flooded the streets of Argentina’s capital for hours Thursday night and many others marched in cities worldwide in the country’s biggest anti-government protest in more than a decade. Angered by high inflation, violent crime and high-profile corruption, and fearful President Cristina Fernandez will try to hold onto power indefinitely by ending constitutional term limits, protesters marched on the iconic obelisk in Buenos Aires chanting: “We’re not afraid.”


Quake devastates family

Guatemalans sought Thursday to pick up the pieces after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake that killed at least 52 people, and left thousands of others huddling in the cold shadows of cracked adobe buildings, most without electricity or water. One family’s tragic story came to symbolize the horror of the disaster. The 10 members of the Vasquez family were found together under the rubble of the rock quarry that had been their livelihood, some in a desperate final embrace, others clinging to the faintest of dying pulses. On Thursday, neighbors came to pay their respects. They filed past 10 wooden caskets in the Vasquez family living room, and contemplated the unspeakable future that awaits the family’s only surviving son. Justo Vasquez, his wife Ofelia Gomez, six children and two nephews died in the rubble. Only the oldest son, Ivan, 19, survived.


Border tunnel explodes

Israel’s military spokeswoman said a large, explosives-filled tunnel blew up Thursday night near soldiers on the Gaza-Israel fence. Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich said the tunnel was one of the largest they had seen in years in the war-scarred area. She said nobody was seriously wounded in the blast. Leibovitch said the tunnel was 16-feet wide and 13-feet deep. She said it wasn’t clear how long it was. The tunnel explosion comes after three bombs blew up next to soldiers in separate incidences in the past two weeks. At least one was moderately wounded in a blast in late October.

Compiled from wire reports.