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Deadline nears to register dogs in Summit County

Beacon Journal staff report

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AKRON: Summit County residents have until Thursday, Jan. 31, to purchase a 2013 license for their dogs.

To make it easier, Summit County Executive Russ Pry and Fiscal Officer Kristen M. Scalise are sponsoring a program to make the tags available at several area Acme Fresh Markets from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

A new or renewed license is $14. Owners who fail to purchase a license could face an additional $14 charge in late fees plus fines.

By law, all Ohio dogs must be licensed in the county where they reside.

New licenses must be obtained within 30 days of arrival in the county or when a puppy reaches the age of three months.

Each license carries its own county-registered number, which helps identify the owner if the dog goes missing. In addition, owners can report their missing pets and see if someone found it through a service provided by the county’s fiscal office at www.fiscaloffice.summit­

Dog licenses will be available at the following locations:

• Acme No. 1, 1835 W. Market St., Akron.

• Acme No. 2, 2420 Wedgewood Drive Akron.

• Acme No. 14, 3235 Manchester Road, Coventry Township.

• Acme No. 17, 4445 Kent Road, Stow.

Dog licenses can also be purchased by mail, online at or at participating locations throughout Summit County. Visit the Summit County Fiscal Office website to find a location near you.


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