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Join The Pawty!

By BrookeLynn Published: August 5, 2009

By now you've probably realized that I am quite the social hound in this world of pet blogging.

It's true when I say I never miss a good pawty, especially if my hound Teddy is invited.  For those of you who are looking for a great place to leave your pup when you skip town, take a look at Camp Bow Wow in Cuyahoga Falls.

This place is clean, and if you want to see what is going on in your pup's day...well, just log in to the website and you can find your Fido frolicking with the best of them.

Camp Bow Wow's got a planned pawty this Saturday  (August 8 from 10A-3P) where you can take a tour of their play place, get great info, and check in with some other pet vendors. And yes, I will be there ready to make your pup a Picasso with my famous paw paintings.

Click here to get the poop scoop!

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