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Older Dogs Need Homes Too!

By BrookeLynn Published: May 26, 2009

Some folks have quite the busy life, but still want the comfort of coming home to a pooch.  But puppies are a bit high-maintenance their first few years: with chewing up stuff, potty accidents, and the never-ending training that can be a bit exhausting.

So now what?

I say go for the older canine companion.  There are so many "bonuses" to adopting an aged pup, and I have written a few out for your consideration...

1.  What You See Is What You Get: No doubt, this is true.  An older dog is an open book.  There are no growing changes in these guys, they have nothing to hide...they are beyond that!  When you adopt an older pooch, you know exactly "who" you are getting.

2.  Summertime, and the livin is Easy: Just like a Ruff Retiree, Older dogs love to lounge.  Not to say they don't need a walk, because they certainly do: but you won't need to run a marathon daily to burn out that energy.

3.  Be Your Retiree's hero: You and I both know that older dogs are usually the last to be adopted.  By choosing a senior, you have the feel-good factor knowing you just gave a great home to a pup that may never have had one.  And when you see that sparkle in their eyes, you can smile back and tell him "you are finally home".

4.  Seniors are Super-Loving: Looking for a snuggle-bug? Look no further, you have found one in a senior pup.

5.  You won't bit off more than you can chew: Okay, this one is hard to face the fact, but it is true:  Your commitment years to caring for your dog has drastically been cut when you adopt an older dog.  Maybe you are being responsible, thinking that you don't know where your life will be in 10 years.  Puppies or younger dogs can be a commitment of 10 or even 20 years.  Adopting a dog in its Golden Years isn't a less-serious commitment, but it certainly can be a shorter one.

All in all, adopting an older pooch is a great consideration when you think about your particular lifestyle... Give these seniors another chance of having a place to call home, you will be happy you did.

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