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PAWS Pet of the Week: Meet Domino & Panda

By millere80 Published: March 5, 2012

Love In Black & White

Add some elegance to your life with this stunning black and white tuxedo pair. Panda and Domino are siblings, about 9 months old, born on March 30, 2011. They look quite mature because they’re both going to be fairly big. Panda is a female black and white tuxedo kitten, with more white on her face than Domino. She has white fur on her nose and between her eyes, on her neck, tummy, and toes. Domino is a male black and white tuxedo kitten with less white on his face than Panda. He has a thin white stripe on the bridge of his nose, and white fur on his neck, tummy, and feet.

Their foster family has been working with Panda & Domino constantly and have turned them from scared, shy little babies into loving house cats. They are still a bit timid and will best blossom in a home with no dogs or small children. Domino is slowly turning into a lap cat, and sister Panda likes to perch on your desk while you work and observe. Domino particularly enjoys a tummy rub; Panda and Domino both like to be petted often! They also love to run around the house happily chasing and playing.

Panda and Domino are very bonded to each other, so they need to stay together. Their adopter will need to be patient at first but both kitties are very food motivated and will quickly learn to trust and love the Food Lady or Food Man! Give these babies a chance, and discover love in black & white.

If you're interested in Panda, Domino or any other PAWS pets, please contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit

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