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PAWS Pet of the Week: Meet Tia!

By millere80 Published: April 4, 2011

Take Terrific Tia Home Today!

The internet slang meaning for Tia is "Thanks In Advance."  You'll thank us in advance if you decide to take terrific Tia home. She is a very sweet, 5 to 6-year-old, kind natured little lady who was found wandering the woods, lost, cold, skinny and lonely.  PAWS took her in to foster care until she finds her forever home.  Tia is very pretty with gorgeous green eyes, soft white fur and just a touch of calico on her forehead and tail.  She would make the purrrrrrrfect addition to any home.

If you're interested in Tia, please contact PAWS at 440-442-PAWS or visit

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