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A Portuguese Water Dog To be The Next First Dog

By BrookeLynn Published: March 18, 2009

As promised by their Pop: Malia and Sasha are going to be getting their wish granted: they're getting a puppy. After months of consideration, largely due to the children's allergies, it went public that the Obama family have all agreed on adopting a rescued Portuguese Water Dog. Yippee! An uncommon breed in our area, although I have met a few: this breed is such a kind and good-natured one. You can read up on the Portuguese Water Dog, why they are named so and what makes them unique. I have to applaud the Obamas for going the right route and announcing their plan to rescue a pup, let's all hope the idea pans out: setting this kind of example is great, as we all know our shelters are over-run with plenty of pups that just want a place to call home. Even the Christian Science Monitor says everyone actually agrees:

"...the Portuguese Water Dog is known not only for having webbed feet and being a favorite of Jacques Cousteau, but they usually pay their taxes on time and rarely back out at the last minute."

Now, I am not one to get political, nor will I ever be: but this line did make me chuckle. If you are looking for a new family member, drop by at They are hooked up with all kinds of rescues in our area and beyond, so you can find your perfect pooch too.
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