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A Puppycat what's that? It's a Sammy!

By Carol Published: January 14, 2010

This guy's and his brothers and sisters totaling seven were rescued on their last day at the shelter. Sammy and one other of his siblings still have not been adopted Sammy is a special cat because he walks on a leash and comes when he's called and other really canine type things!

Sammy likes dogs and it would be great if he got a dog of his own! I'm sure that Sammy would be a blast and could very easily be trained to do many things. He'd be a great companion for a dog that might not like to be left home alone.

Sammy is neutered, potty trained, and up to date on all his shots!

Sammy is currently being fostered by Save Ohio Strays (SOS) and can also be found on

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