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Adopt a retired military working dog

By jim Published: July 2, 2009

As a result of the passage of H.R. 5314 in November 2000, civilians can adopt a retiring Military Working Dog.

Via ABC News:

Known in the military as a "war dog," Laika used to chase gunmen in the streets of Baghdad. Now she romps around with Chiara Gavin and her 4-year-old son, Ethan, at their home outside Colorado Springs.

After six years of military service, including two tours in Iraq, she has finally settled into her new life in rural America, where she chases sticks that Ethan throws for her and chews on bones.

"She's fantastic, most of the time she's a couch potato," said Chiara Gavin, Ethan's mother.

The Gavin family recently adopted Laika under a new program that allows the military to give retiring working dogs to civilian families. In the past, many of these dogs were euthanized when they finished their military duty.

Retiring dogs are carefully tested, since not all are suited to civilian life. Taint, an 11-year-old "war dog," just doesn't like strangers. When someone approaches him whom he doesn't know, he lunges and snaps aggressively, without provocation.

Read the full story.

If you are interested in adopting you can learn more here.

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