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After months of care, neglected dog ready of adoption

By Published: January 25, 2013

While a court battle was waged, the Portage County Animal Protection League helped a neglected dog in need.

Tanner, an 11-year-old German Shepherd, was found by a humane officer in Hiram last year. The dog was missing hair had scabs, scars and peeling skin. At 68 pounds, the emaciated dog had trouble walking.

While Tanner's owner faced animal cruelty charges, the Portage APL has treated tanner since August to bring him back to health. The owner eventually pleaded no contest and will be sentenced in March, according to a release from the Portage APL.

After several months of care, Tanner is a stronger and healthier 79 pounds. While he's still thin, the Portage APL notes that its normal for a dog his age.

Now healthy, Tanner is up for adoption. To find out more about the adoption services at the Portage APL, call 330-296-4022.

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