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An animal benefit with wine? I'll drink to that!

By BrookeLynn Published: July 17, 2009

With all the fun festivals that go on every single week in our area, it is hard to pick through them and decide which one you and your friends will conquer.

Well, let me convince you about heading to the Hudson Wine Festival this weekend with your best friend(s).  I am talking about bringing those four-legged furry pals, but bring your human friends too!  This weekend-long event kicks off tonight with a VIP party, silent auction, and all kinds of goodies.  Saturday and Sunday: Let the wine begin!  Tons of cool pet vendors will be around, artisans and wine events are all part of the fun: AND, it is a benefit.  See, doesn't that make ya feel good?  I know I will feel good by the end of the day!

So lift up your glass, and toast to helping our furry friends.  Stop by and see me at the Akron Dog Stuff table!  I'll be offering paw paintings your pooch can make and specialty snacks by The Grateful Dog Bakery too!

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