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Average dog owner 'gets more exercise than gym-goers'

By jim Published: November 30, 2009

Photo via Flickr: Caribb

Researchers found animal lovers exercise their pet twice a day for 24 minutes each time – a total of five hours and 38 minutes a week.

On top of that, the average dog owner also takes their pet out on three long walks each week adding another two hours and 33 minutes to the total.

But in comparison, those without a dog spend an average of just one hour and 20 minutes per week exercising by going to the gym or heading out for a stroll or jog.

And almost half (47 per cent) of non-pet owners admit they do absolutely no exercise whatsoever.

A spokesperson for pet health care experts Bob Martin said the difference between the two was that going to the gym can feel like a chore while dogwalking can be far more enjoyable.

"A couple of short walks a day soon adds up and this research shows that it amounts to more time than people spend in the gym," he said.

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