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Bessie's true story of hope and compassion

By jim Published: June 18, 2009

By Christine Shock

Humane Society of Greater Akron

Forever friends – that is how Pawsibilities – the Humane Society of Greater Akron (HSGA) like to tag their animals.

Once you adopt one of our animals you have a forever friend. Even though Summit County Humane Officer Shannon O'Herron sees sick, injured and abused animals daily, there are still a few animals that leave their mark on her heart.

Onesuch dog was Beckie the senior basset hound, who Shannon found on the streets of Akron in early January 2009. As a senior dog with severe health issues, Shannon believed her best chance for adoption was through a rescue so she worked hard to place her with a rescue organization.

When Beckie went into rescue she was emaciated yet still full of spirit. Her thirty pound body was gaunt and her skin was sunken in around her bones.

Beckie on her first night at rescue, after having a warm meal and massage, she squirmed her way on the couch to cuddle with the family! She immediately built up a following of fans on the blog the Daily Drool Digest.

We are happy to report that Beckie (renamed Bessie) served her time well at the rescue and at the end of May happily left the winters of Akron, Ohio for the year-long sunny days of California.

Bessie is moving forward. Although still a little wobbly from lack of muscle strength she is on her way to a life of luxury. Bessie now resides in sunny California!

Celebrating animals is The Humane Society of Greater Akron's passion. Incorporated in 1968, The Humane Society is dedicated to alleviating animal suffering, preventing and investigating animal cruelty, protecting the welfare of animals and providing quality adoption services.

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