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Birds Bathing in the Sunshine

By Carol Published: March 11, 2010

Owners of companion birds often witness the ultimate rejoicing when the sunshine makes its way through a window. Well,  at least at my house I get to witness the phenomenon of my birds suddenly splashing and bathing in their water bowls.  I offer them some help with the squirt bottle or the sink because once the birds start getting wet I try to get them really wet.

Regular bathing for companion a bird is beneficial in keeping the birds feather condition excellent and helps new growth.  I usually mix in a little aloe gel in  the spray bottle to help clean feathers (it helps when you have an all white bird).  Lack of bathing can cause itchy birds to feather pluck which should be avoided if possible because once they start it's hard for them to stop.

Some birds splash and dance in the water, spreading wings and tails out to catch all the moisture available.  I can't help but smile and laugh when I see the joyful bathing in the sunlight, afterward some preening and a nice nap. It's not a bad way to enjoy life!

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