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Bringing Comfort to my Pets

By Carol Published: August 8, 2010

I've been extremely busy and haven't had time to post. I bought a small horse farm down the road from my house. It had been for sale for several years because of the economy and the repairs needed to the house. I count the surprise happening of buying this property as a true blessing.

It also gives me the opportunity to give comfort to my pets and the pets of others through boarding older horses and providing dog and cat grooming. I learned to groom this year and one thing I have noticed is the relief it gives to some animals after they are bathed and their coats are in order. Many times pets aren't able to properly care for their own coats. The picture is of Cooper our recently rescued Sheltie and he as you can see is very pleased with his new hairdo!

The new property has a nice building next to the barn that I converted to a groom shop and is a very relaxing place to be for pets and humans. The pasture is five acres of terrific grass and shade trees. I released my horses in the pasture and just marveled at their joy.  They are grazing and frolicking as they were intended to do. I guess it's as close to wild as they can be!

Now that we are settled in more I'd like to share the happenings of Kindred Acres Farm with everyone as it is never a dull moment!

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